Scottish Targemaker Malcolm McNeill

Glenbranter, Argyll, Scotland

The Targemaker Malcolm NcNeill

Welcome to my website. My name is Malcolm McNeill. I am a Scottish Targemaker and live in Argyll, Scotland. My workshop is located in the village of Glenbranter in the heart of Argyll's National Forest Park where I was born and raised. I am a very proud patriot of Scotland and keen to share of its history with you.

I produce to the world beautiful hand-crafted Targes to the highest quality in a traditional finish using treated deer and cow hide and deer fur all from the hills of Argyll. Like the Targemaker, everything is made in Argyll Hills. They are supplied with hand grip and strap as standard. Optionally, I also supply a centre detachable spike - stored in a pouch on the back of the targe - and shoulder strap. You can now browse my range in my online shop. Please enquire with any special requirements beyond.

Malcolm NcNeill: Homage to William Wallace My targes are designed and dedicated to the upkeep and memory of all the Clansmen, women and children who died in the battles of Scotland, and the wars of independence. My targes are a bit of history for you to own. Many of my targes have pride of place in the homes around the world. Their memory lives on through my targes.

Please enjoy exploring the website and don't hesitate to get in touch with any enquiries.


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